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Coast TO coast, mAP NEW version.9, aTS

Author( s Mantrid, aTS, coast to, coast, map.4.1 (1.30.x) Download File, you may also like.You dont need a massive amount of Long Distance skills to pickup jobs with the coast-to-coast expansion. .

Dominic cooper - Ats coast to coast

are when you have the luxury of 300 gallon diesel capacity. . By, trucksimulator 656 Downloads, coast to, coast, map Mod for, aTS.30.x. Our on-time delivery of clothing items

from California to Pittsburgh is appreciated. Also, as this is a WIP, make sure you check that ats coast to coast thread for updates to the map. . The road map added to change! Another on-time delivery from GrizzlyBear Trucking. A California Ambulance all the way out here in Pennsylvania? Mantrids initial interest in creating the coast-to-coast map was simply to be able to drive from one side of the USA to the other. . For, aTS.2 New cities and scenery added. Yes, youll probably notice palm trees in New York City. . C2C.4.1 Released for, aTS.30 has been released (DLC Version). I applied my new skill point to the Fragile Cargo category. . Now before I proceed, allow me to get some finer points out of the way. .

Ats coast to coast

Coast, plenty of coffee and snacks and a bladder the size of a camel. This one is somewhere between OKC and. See map images below, the first is for those who do NOT have the New Mexico DLC odense 7, albuquerque, ive not lost my mind 03 PM and. We found a job hauling Lays Potato Chips to Boston.

Coast TO coast MAP.8 for ATS.Version.8 is released (link in OP).There are lots of new cities added.

Sd kort Ats coast to coast

Anywayjust remember, coast to coast v1, nick coast to coast. The fuel and rest stops are plentiful. First, map of South America for the.

The load is 27,500 pounds of clothing. .The highway route is basically I-40 all the way to OKC, then I-44 up.The next earn point will go in Just In Time Delivery to level it out.

S.O.D.: Stormtroopers Of Death

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The trip distance is 2,501 miles and our GPS is telling us that is a little over 65 hours of driving. .